Absolute Truth

God said:

“Let us create man in our image.”.
Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.
In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD was with God, and THE WORD was God.
In the beginning was LOVE, and LOVE was with God, and LOVE was God.
And LOVE was made Jesus and walked among us.

Jesus Said

Seek first the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness and
all you need will be added.
The Kingdom of God is in heaven, on earth, at hand, and
within you.
In order to see the Kingdom of God, you MUST be born again.
Do the will of God my father, you will enter the Kingdom of God that is within you.
He who hears my words and believes in the one who sent me, shall have everlasting life.
Here is eternal life. Know the One True God and know
Jesus Christ whom the One True God sent.
When you know what I do and you do it, you will be my
Whatsoever you do to one of the least of these, you also do it
unto me.
My words are the way, the truth, and the life.
No one can come to know the Son unless my Father draws
This is my command. Love one another as I have loved you.
No greater love than this. Lay down your life for your friends

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The Center of Unconditional Love




If my people will humble themselves, surrender their egos, overcome their fears, and do God's will to the best of their ability, I, the LORD God, will heal their hearts, heal their land, and bless them 30-60-100 fold.

And if my people will declare each day a truly happy day; and promise to love, care, listen, encourage, and forgive one another no matter what; and give thanks in all circumstances, have an attitude of gratitude, and be positive in all things, I the LORD God, will produce true happiness, better health, better well being, and better wealth in their lives and continue to bless them 30-60-100 fold.

And if my people will memorize the Promise Of Compassion,  memorize the Prayer Of Forgiveness, celebrate National Forgiveness Day, and read, follow, and share the Be Healthy Plan For Happiness with one another, I, the LORD God, will bring true love, great joy, and the peace that passes all understanding to their lives and continue to bless them 30-60-100 fold.

And if my people will join the Positive People Partners, encourage others to join, and ask others to make wishes and prayer requests, I the LORD God, will produce greater wealth and well being in their lives and in the lives of their friends and families and continue to bless them 30-60-100 fold.

WHY? To learn how to be happy and to teach othrs how to be truly happy.
Positive People Partners Center Of Unconditional Love
        We are a world-wide spiritual organization dedicated to producing TRUE HAPPINESS, GOOD  HEALTH, GOOD WELLBEING AND GREATER WEALTH in the lives of  our MEMBERS and their friends. We are inviting you and your friends, to read the following benefits of membership and to join our ORGANIZATION OF VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.
        *The opportunity to read, follow, share the BE HEALTHY PLAN FOR HAPPINESS which will build a stronger immune system; balance your emotions; balance your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies; help prevent the occurrence and re-occurrence of sickness, illness, and disease; help to reduce, manage, eliminate and destroy negative thinking, negative emotions, negative attitudes, and negative distress; help to improve your communication skills; help to develop an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis, and create an awareness and understanding of the power of love, the joy of forgiveness and the peace of a humble heart in your life and in the lives of your friends.
        *Invitation To CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS Sunday Happiness Hour for God's people who do not have a church home. Please call 419-533-4191 for time and location.
        *Invitations To Quarterly Happiness Events & The Monthly Words Of Wisdom E-Mail Newsletter
        *Personal advice if asked on overcoming fear and breaking bad habits/addictions.
        *The Opportunity To Do God's Will Each Day.
         *The Opportunity To Read, Follow, Share the Proclamation Of True Happiness.
     *The Opportunity To Love, Care, Listen, Encourage & Forgive Others.
     *The Opportunity To Celebrate National Forgiveness Day Each Year In October.
     *The Opportunity To Read, Follow, Share the Forgiveness Proclamation.
     *The Opportunity To Invite Robert "Mr. Happy" Moyers To Speak To Your Group.
     *The Opportunity To Receive Rewards For Inviting Friends To Become Members.
     *The Opportunity To Make Wishes & Prayer Requests & To Ask Others To Make Sincere Wishes & Prayer Requests.
     *The Opportunity To Hear Wishes & Prayer Requests & To Help God Grant Sincere Wishes And Prayer Requests If Asked.
Annual memberships are available for individuals, families, and groups. Memberships start at $20 for individuals and are based on the annual income of the individual or family. Group memberships are available for $100 plus a $1 fee for each member of the group. Group memberships are available for companies, schools, non-profits, government agencies, worship centers, churches, businesses, clubs, and organizations.
To become a new member of the Positive People Partners Center Of Unconditional  Love (PPP-COUL), please sign up from our web site or by sending a letter by direct mail. Payment of the annual membership fee ($20 for income under $25,000; $50 for income under $50,000, and $100 for incomes over $50,000) can be made by cash or check. All teenagers can join for $10. All children can join for $1.
To speak with a member about the benefits of membership and how you can earn extra income by asking others to join the organization, please call 419-533-4191 or use e-mail at bobmoy@wcnet.org. Our mailing address is 4203 County Rd. U4, Liberty Center, Ohio 43532.
As a special feature for kids between the ages of 7 and 12, we have started the MR. HAPPY  KIDS CLUB. The cost is only $1. Members will receive a membership card, the five special happy words, invitations to special Happy Events, the opportunity to receive Happy Messages by using a parent's email address or their own email address if permission is granted, the opportunity to ask Mr. Happy questions about happiness, and the opportunity to invite new members to join the MR. HAPPY KIDS CLUB and the chance to keep 50 per cent of the membership fee. Call 419-533-4191 or see a MR. HAPPY KIDS CLUB member for more information.

...........Our Church Without Walls WILL MEET on Sunday at a time and place to be announced. Please call 419-533-4191 or email us to find the time and place for next week's gathering. We also will be holding our quarterly PPP-COUL gathering on Sunday, August 21, to celebrate the birthday of Jesus at a time and location to be announced in the near future.




Mission: To do God's will, to be like Jesus to everyone, to see the likeness of Jesus in everyone, to show others how to be like Jesus bythoughts, words, deeds, and love.

Purpose: To love, care, listen, encourage, and forgive one another; to be honest, be happy, be healthy, be humble and give time to one another; to tell the truth, ask good questions, give good answers, and pray for one another, and to control our words, admit shortcomings, trust God and be like Jesus each day.

Objectives: To strengthen the immune system; to balance the emotions; to balance the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual energies; to prevent sickness, illness, and disease; to reduce and eliminate negative stress, negative thinking, and negative emotions; to improve communications, and to embrace the power of love, the joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart.

Goals: To celebrate October as Forgiveness Month, the first week of October as Forgiveness Week, and October 7th as National Forgiveness Day as people across our nation and around the world gather together to celebrate the joy that comes from embracing forgiveness on a daily basis as we forgive others, forgive ourselves, ask for forgiveness, and share forgiveness information with as many people as possible.

Methods: Adopt the following suggestions contained in this Be Healthy Plan: Declare the day a happy day when you wake up. Speak the truth with love. Ask good questions. Listen with understanding. Think in silence. Do not interrupt. Don't let anger, hurt, fear, and negative emotions take away your joy. Restore meaningful relationships by asking what you can do to make the relationship better. Ask others for forgiveness and forgive others. Stop having to be right, finding fault in others, trying to control the outcome, and being selfish. Stop bad habits by wanting to stop, admitting you can't stop, and asking for help to take away your desire.
Make a decision to try to do God's will. Love one another as God loves you.

Invitation: To Join the Positive People Partners Center Of Unconditional Love, send your individual, family, or group membership fee of $20, $50, $100, or more. to Positive People Partners, 4203County Rd. U4, Liberty Center, Ohio 43532. (Please make check payable to Positive People Partners Center Of Unconditional Love or PPP-COUL)

Your annual membership benefits include the Be Healthy Plan For Happiness, email newsletter, invitations to events,  FREE ADVICE to eliminate negativity, break bad habits, and stop addictions, and many more wonderful opportunitites to live a healthy, happy, successful life. 

Call 419-533-4191. Email bobmoy@wcnet.org.
Visit www.unconditionallovelive.com.